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We have been happily gardening in a hidden corner of campus since 1973. This site, now known as the UofT Community Garden, was  the garden site of the UTSC Chancellor before our time.

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UTSC Community Gardens

Celebrating our 50th anniversary (1973-2023)

UTSC Garden Club

Young and old alike


Gardening at UTSC frequently brings young and old generations together in a common pursuit. Younger generations have much to learn from our elders, and gardening literally provides common ground allowing intergenerational community to develop. 


Young gardener Helen Howard enthusiastically harvests beets in 1983.


We are diverse representing cultures from all over the world. Our diversity empowers our gardening with each sharing varieties of vegetables and styles of gardening from our own cultures. 


Okra (lower left), bitter melon (upper left), and ridge gourd (right) are a few of the crops derived from his cultural background that UTSC Professor Monirul MirzaI enjoys growing.



Who we are?

We are a community of organic gardeners who have been actively working the soil at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus for 49 years. What makes us unique is our eclectic mix of current and retired university professors, staff, students, alumni, and community members.

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UTSC Community Gardens

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