Playing dead. A Dekay's Brownsnake in the gardens in 2022 (photo Ken Howard)

Toads are common in our plots and help keep insect pests and slugs in balance (photo Ken Howard)

Male and female Common Blue Butterfly in grassess near garden plots (photo Jason Weir)

A tame Red-tailed Hawk that frequented the gardens in 2021 (Photo Jason Weir)

Black Swallotail caterpillar on dill in Ken Howard's garden

Garden Wildlife

"Our gardens are surrounded on three sides by Carolinian Forest. From these forests, the incessant "pee-weee" song of the Eastern Wood-Pewee provides an almost magical ambiance.

One day I took my mist net and caught the pee-wee (with appropriate permits) singing next to my garden plot as part of my ornithology research.

The video shows the magical moment when the pewee lies content in my son's hand before realizing he is free to fly off.

I feel so fortunate that I can share with my son both gardening and the study of nature in such a beautiful spot."

--Jason Weir (UTSC Professor)

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